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The Wright family has had a very mixed and varied history. Different generations have worked for King Henry VIII, been Sheriff of York, Traitors to the English Crown, a vicar and school teacher. This page is still 'work in progress' and is here to allow the information gathered so far to be presented.

The late 1400's to Early 1600's

Other researchers have written of the early Wright family due to the family's connection to the Gun Powder Plot. John Wright of Kent (born c. 1476) was a steward to King Henry VIII, bought Plowland Hall near Welwick, in Holderness, Yorkshire and was granted land in this area. His son Robert Wright (born c. 1501) became Sheriff of York. Robert married twice, and our Wright line decends from his first wife, Anne Grimstone. Robert's second wife Ursula Rudstone bore him the two brothers John 'Jack' and Christopher 'Kit' Wright who were co conspiritors in the Gun Powder Plot with Guy Fawkes and were shot outside Warwick in 1605 soon after the plot failed, They are both mentioned in Guy Fawkes's confession.

A collection of web articles and references has been compiled into a story of these Wright Brothers and the Wright family and is contained in The Gunpowder Plot story. Holderness is an area af land between Hull, the North Sea and the north bank of the Humber.

Apart from the Gun Powder Plot, the Wright family were important people in the local community and documents exist showing that the family supported the building of bridges and other civil works.

John Wright's wife, Alice Ryther, came from a long established family whose recorded linage goes back to the first half of the 12th Century. Her ancestors include Knights, one was a Crusader Knight, a Sheriff of York, a Collecter of Taxes and one sold 24 Oaks for York Minster.

Late 1700 to 21st Century

Our Wright family stayed in Yorkshire for a while (about 300 years!), albeit not always at the family home in Holderness. From about 1500 to 1800 all records of births and marriages point to Yorkshire. At least one Wright went to the New World (see next section below) and for others, there was a move to Bolton on Swale (to the south of Darlington). It was here that George Nathan Wright was born on 11 May 1771 (the first of three generations of George Nathan Wright). Somehow he met Catherine Griffiths from North Wales and started a relationship. Their first child, John, was 'base born' and sadly died soon after birth in 1801. They married in 1801 in St Asaph, North Wales and settled there. His third son, George Nathan Wright (2nd Generation), married a Northamptonshire lady Hannah Short, and after living in Caernarvon for a while, they moved to her home village of Syresham in Northamptonshire in the late 1830's for about 10 years before moving on to London. Their son George Nathan Wright (3rd Generation) married a Londoner Elizabeth Martin and they lived in London. The full story is in From Yorkshire to London (A report to show the genealogical connection from George Nathan Wright of Yorkshire to Peter Wright of London) - so after 300 years in Yorkshire, the next 50 years took the family to London via North Wales and Northamptonshire. The family remained in London for more than the next 100 years before branching out again.

The George Washington Connection

There is a connection between the Wright family and George Washington, the first President of America. George Washington's Grand Aunt Anne Washington married Francis Wright, whose father Richard Wright had moved to the America in 1655. Richard prospered well in Virginia, gaining over 4000 acres of land, some of which was later owned by the Washington family and on which George Washington's home at Mount Veron was built. Anne Washington, and the connection to our Wright line is shown on the Decendants of John Wright page. More on the Washington family genealogy and Anne can be found here.

Family Tree

A selected portion of the Wright Family Tree shows the Wright family from John (1476) down to the 1900's. The coloured line shows our Wright family's linage.

Wright Family DNA Project

There is a DNA project for the Wright family name. One of our family members, Peter, has contributed to this, and this confirms the family connections as shown on the Decendants of John Wright page. So far over 225 Wright family members have taken part in the DNA project but to date only 7 have matched as decendants of John Wright, and are therefore related to our Wright family. There is no family connection to the Wright Brothers of aeroplane fame.

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